• Trash-Free, Rash-Free and Cash-Free Period

    Trash-Free, Rash-Free and Cash-Free Period

    Many of us being well aware of the effects that a conventional synthetic sanitary napkin can cause, we simply neglect it and go on with our daily lives. Forgetting how it not only sheds its harmful toxins on our body but also causing a major chunk of pollutant in the environment. Most of us grewRead more
  • Poultry Farming: A Human Disaster in Making

    Poultry Farming: A Human Disaster in Making

    With increased per capita Income in urban areas, the world’s appetite for meat continues to grow. The marketing countries keep gaining a larger share of the economic pie from this boom and the trend is likely to continue. But the meat humans devour, can it be called healthy for mankind? The introduction of antibiotics into

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  • My Encounter with Homeopathy

    My Encounter with Homeopathy

    It was around 6 years back, when I was setting several goals in my life and I was in a bit of confusion to decide which course of knowledge would be apt for my personality and intelligence. Since childhood I had visited many allopathic doctors and reduced my sufferings instantly, which led me to think

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  • Homoeopathy in Sinusitis

    Homoeopathy in Sinusitis

    Sinuses are air filled spaces in the skull that communicate with the nose. An infection in the nose and upper respiratory tract can spread to the sinuses. Sinuses can get acutely infected during an episode of cold or many times they remain chronically infected due to repeated colds or non clearance of infection. Symptoms of

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