Our Initiatives

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)


JIMS is in the process of developing an Electronic Medical Record for its patients to experience a standardized services. JIMS issues to its patients a Photo ID with Unique Identification Number which allows patients to move seamlessly through various departments and receive services. EMR allows standardized records, easy and complete access to patient information, maintain privacy on sensitive information of patients, and allows continuity of treatment in chronic diseases where patient records are to be maintained over years. EMR also generates patient statistics which can be used for clinical research as well as administrative decision making. In future JIMS aims to be an Eco- friendly paperless hospital delivering excellence in care through standardization of its processes.

In-house Hospital Management Training

Most of the JIMS staff comes from rural areas, though qualified has limited experience in hospital setting. JIMS has adopted a policy to train its raw talent through in house training conducted by experienced hospital administrators. Training not only allows transfer of expertise but also creates the right blend experience, enthusiasm and dedication much needed for a team working in healthcare sector.