Patient Suffering From Vitiligo Since Many Years Cured

73 years old female came with the complaints of depigmented large patches on nape of neck, chest, abdomen, on upper eyelid since many years.It was increasing since past 1 year.

Patient is k/c/o Hypothyroidism and has been under medication since 20yrs on thyroxin 100mcg. She already took homoeopathic treatment in the city for 2 years with no improvement.
Still patient did not loose hope in homoeopathy, came to JIMS for treatment. By analyzing her case history capturing her physical details as well as her state of mind which had lot of grief in the background – Ignatia 1M one dose with sac lac given for 15 days.
With the very first dose patient started noticing improvement in the patches.

Within 6 months of treatment 90% of all her patches covered up. The patient is still on medication and gradually her thyronorm dose got decreased form 100 to 25 mcg.



A Case of Cerebral Atrophy

Patient was brought by relatives in a wheel chair with hoarseness of voice. One was hardly able to recognize his speech. Used to have convulsive like movements. With the homoeopathic treatment the patient started recognizing the urge for stool and urine. Convulsive movements got controlled and speech started improving.

After 7 months of treatment patient came to JIMS walking without any support. Here is the testimonial of the patient written with his own hands with full of emotions. “I came to JIMS on 30-7-2013 and that day is a turning day in my life. I was suffering from ill health since long. I went to a lot of doctors, spent lot of money but nothing helped. After getting treatment from JIMS, I recovered 90%. I am telling everyone about JIMS in my village. I am so thankful to the hospital staff.”

Twenty Nail Syndrome (Dystrophy)

Name: Ms. E H
Age: 11 Years
Sex: Female
Location: Secunderabad


1. Discolored and deformed nails of all fingers and toes since 2 years. Started as brownish discoloration of toe nails then gradually spread to all nails of toes and fingers. This was followed by flattening and pitting of nails and growth was halted.


It was diagnosed as “ twenty nail syndrome(dystrophy)” . Patient had tried allopathic treatment with dermatologists with no improvement.

It is mentioned in literature that it is mostly an idiopathic condition if not associated with any other underlying disease or syndrome. And the treatment is usually unsatisfactory.

After starting treatment with homoeopathy the case has shown slow and gradual improvement. The nails of the fingers have regained normal color, growth is consistent, ridges have been disappearing.

And it is following the true homoeopathic pattern of cure i.e. ‘…the first to appear is last to disappear’. In this case the toe nails are taking more time to show improvement than the finger nails.


The girl is treated with constitutional remedy CALCAREA IODATUM 200 and infrequent doses of antimiasmatic remedy TUBECULINUM 1M.

2. The girl also had frequent upper respiratory infections which also has shown improvement.





successstory3c-copy   successstory3d-copy

Burns Case

11 year old boy came with complaints of non healing wound on Left Flank. A/F Electric burns 3 months back. Shown to a Surgeon and was advised secondary suturing of the Abdominal flap He was operated on 12th March 2014

Observation during stay

  • Extremely sensitive to touch
  • Howling even if doctors approach to examine
  • Weeps like a child

Follow up on 15-3-2014

  • Deep infected wound
  • Patient not allowing to touch


Follow up in 5 days on 20-3-2014  – Patient showing his would by himself – cheerful


Surgeon’s Opinion

  • Granulation healthy
  • But needs a skin graft as surface area large.
  • Will not heal without graft
  • Parents were oriented for a graft
  • But parents were reluctant for another procedure

Follow-up in 10 days on 25-3-2014


Follow-up in 3 weeks


Inguinal Hernia with a small Umbilical Hernia Case

  • 55 yr old man came with complaints of reducible swelling left Inguinal region.
  • On examination- Inguinal Hernia with a small Umbilical hernia
  • Operated for Inguinal and Umbilical Hernia
  • Patient called for suture removal on day 8 post operative
  • Umbilical hernia wound infected. Was treated with Homoeo medicines


Follow Up in 3 Days


Follow-Up in 15 Days


Psoriasis Case

25 yrs male with complaints of extensive psoriasis all over the body except face
Wearing full hand sleeves shirt to cover himself
Patient taken Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic treatment from multiple doctor
Anxious that the lesions would spread to face
Feels embarrassed to face the world.

Lesions before treatment

p9 p10

Follow Up in a Month

p12 p17 

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis 

4 yr old boy came with complaints of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Complaints started since one yr of age after his 1st birthday. He had severe pain in all the joint with warmth, tenderness and continuous high grade fever. There is swelling in knee, ankle, elbow and unable to extend. Knee and elbow – 70 degree flexed position.

Follow up in a month

  • —No Fever
  • —Pains much better
  • —Now able to walk some distance
  • —Mother says that patient is now confident of himsel
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