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An agreement was reached between JIMS Homoeopathic Hospital and Glace Academy in Germany on 20th of Oct. 2015. Dr. Rameshwar Rao from JIMS and Dr. Haning Jifser from Glace Academy, Germany signed the memorandum  enabling provision of Homoeopathic medical treatments available at a very low cost to the poor. Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Rameshwar Rao said that Homeopathy is regarded high in England and Germany. In India, with the guidance Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chaudary and blessings of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, JIMS Homoeopathic hospital is aiming to accomplish the same. MD of Glace Academy Dr. Haning Jifser expressed his happiness at the collaboration and hoped to do more in this area.

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