Camp: Screening for women health
Place: Ibrahimpatnam 5 6 &7th ward
Organized by: JIMSHMC
Collaboration: Vikas Tharangini
Date: 03/05/2018 9am to 4pm
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 167.
Number of colposcopy examinations: 57


StaffStudentsSupport staff
1.      Dr Sudhamathi15 Students of C Batch of III BHMS were selected.Mr S. Naidu, Krishna Chaithanya, 4 from maintenance department.
2.      Dr Kalyani
3.      Dr Sridevi
4.      Dr Rajalaxmi
5.      Dr Akshatha
6.      Dr Shakthi
7.      Dr Dharini

The camp was organized by department of Community Medicine, JIMS HMC in collaboration with Vikas Tharangini of JIVA.

We reached the venue, at 9am. The venue was an Anganwadi school with two big rooms and shaded area full of trees. Room for screening was prepared for colposcopic examination. We established registration and dispensing outside the rooms. Consultation and colposcopy were organized inside the room.

Students were divided into groups of 2 for registration, 2 for dispensing, 6 for screening, 2 for patient movement on rotation basis. Girl students took turn to see the colonoscopy being done.

By afternoon, there were 150 registrations done. We have identified 23 Gyneac cases for active follow up.

Camp data analysis:

Lessons learnt from this camp:

  • Organizing a camp in a resource lack setting
  • Screening of large number of patients and presenting to physician
  • Behavioural requirements in a rural setting
  • Colposcopy and comparing healthy and unhealthy cervix and breast examination.
  • Experiencing community service


Dr Sudhamathi. S.M.
Associate Professor