Dr.Rameswar Rao Jupally is a successful industrialist.  After graduating as a Homoeopathic Doctor, his interest in business paved a career for him and made him a business magnet. But, being a doctor, the thirst to serve people made him a pioneer in social service activities. JIMS is the result of  the same.  Dr. Rameswar Rao worked  hard to crystallize the vision of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji by giving it a form  and shape. This resulted in the inauguration of JIMS Hospital in Feb 2013.

The My Home Group in Telangana is a well-known industrial house operating from Hyderabad with wide ranging interests in cement, power, consultancy and education, under the able leadership of Dr.Rameswar Rao Jupally. The two decade old Group is increasing its footprint across India with several projects in the pipeline.

Dr.Rao is both a visionary and a strategist. Though a medical doctor by profession he always thought of doing something of lasting value for the people. The natural choice, to start with, was building homes, not just houses with walls with space in between, which would meet the functional and emotional needs of the occupants. Thus began the journey with the establishment of My Home Constructions Pvt.Ltd. which has delivered several landmark constructions across Hyderabad. These are poems in concrete. As backward integration Dr.Rao trained his sights on cement manufacture. The result was acquisition of a small cement company which in a span of 18 years grew its capacity from 0.2 million to 8.2 million tonnes per annum under the name of My Home Industries Limited which is now an Rs.2500 crore company. CRH Plc. Ireland has become equal partners of the company.

My Home Power Pvt.Ltd. and My Home Power Consultancy Services Ltd. are the other companies set up by Dr.Rao for generation of power and offering consultancy services in the power sector.

Dr.Rao is a firm believer in the youth power of the country which, according to him, should be given adequate education so that they will become responsible and dedicated citizens of tomorrow. With this end in view he set up the Little Scholar School in Hyderabad. Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, the school is turning out brilliant students year after year.

Though a successful industrialist and a visionary par excellence, Dr.Rameswar Rao is intensely human at heart and has great concern and love for all those working with him. The realist and the humanist have thus eminently blended in him.

Dr. Pavuluri Chaudary is the pioneer and the backbone of JIMS Hospital. JIMS Hospital is the product of his passion and expertise in Homoeopathic. JIMS is Dr.Chaudary’s brain child. He has inspired a lot of doctors to offer their services at JIMS. He continues to be the leading force behind Homoeopathic services and educational program at JIMS.

The Hyderabad School is the brain child of Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Choudary. He is one of the most eminent Homoeopathic Doctors in the country. Born on June 30, 1928, he graduated (B.Sc.) from A.C. College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He went on to study medicine and completed his M.B.B.S. course from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam. He soon established a 30 bedded Hospital in Guntur and his practice flourished. However, he became very much interested in Homoeopathic having personally witnessed it’s usefulness and potentiality. He soon wound up his Hospital and went to London to study Homoeopathic. This was indeed a very bold step and is indicative of his commitment to Homoeopathic. He studied under great master of Homoeopathic in London. To mention a few, he was fortunate to be taught by most eminent doctors like Dr. Marjorie Blackie and Dr. Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard.

He returned to India eager to use his knowledge to serve the suffering people, particularly the poor. He set up practice at Guntur again – but now as a Practioner of Homoeopathic. He soon shifted to Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, as the Principal of the A.P.S. Medical College. This enabled him to work on a larger canvas. He has during his long career, participated actively in the development of Homoeopathic in India – as a member of The Central Council of Homoeopathic, member of the governing body of the N.I.H. Calcutta, member of the Drugs technical advisory committee, set up by the Government of India and as a member of the Andhra Board of Homoeopathic. The plight of M.B.B.S. doctors, wanting to take up post-graduation in the Homoeopathic led him to start the Hyderabad School of Homoeopathic. M.F.Hom. training course is being conducted since 1994. More than 30 Allopathic doctors have been trained and they are all practicing in various cities in the country. The driving force behind his passion for Homoeopathic has been the vision and desire to take competent and cost effective treatment to the door-steps of every villager in the country.

Popularizing the Homoeopathic system has been yet another task of his goals. To this end, he has been contributing a very popular column in the widely circulated daily newspaper, ‘Eenadu’. Responding to the popular demand for these articles to be published in a book form, the management of Eenadu paper has brought out a book consisting of the articles published.

Sriman K. Satish Reddy , Hyderabad
VC & MD , Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. G. Surender Rao , Hyderabad
MD. Yashoda Hospitals

Sriman Grandhi ,  Guntur
Crane Betel Nut Powder works

Sriman Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao , Bangaluru
Chairman GMR Group of companies

Sriman G. Bhaskar Rao , Hyderabad
Chairman JB Group of companies

Sriman G. Ganga Raju,  Vijayawada
Laila Group of Companies

Sriman G. Bhaskar Rao, Hyderabad
Chairman of kaveri seeds

Sriman Erneni Rama rao, Hyderabad
Honorary Advisor to HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami organisations

Sriman C. Laxmi Narasimharao, Karimnagar
Chairman, Chelmeda Anand rao Institute of medical sciences

Sriman S.S. Reddy , Hyderabad
MD, Hetro Group of companies

Dr. Mukkamala  Apparao, USA

Sriman T.V.S.N Raju , Hyderabad

Sriman Keshava Rao

SrimanMadan Mohana Rao , Hyderabad

Sriman V.C. Nannapaneni , Hyderabad
Chairman & MD Natco pharma

Sriman Manthena Venkata Rama Raju, Hyderabad
Chairman, Vasudha Pharma & chem limited

Sriman T.V.N. Raju , Hyderabad
Chairman, Gland Pharma  Ltd.

Sriman K. Vaman Rao, Hyderabad
Chairman Kapil group of companies

Sriman Venu Vinod, Hyderabad
MD, Cyber city Builders & Developers Private .LTD

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