Outreach Programs

At JIMS we believe in balancing Access-Quality-Cost of healthcare. To provide Access to healthcare JIMS subsidizes cost of


treatment through “Poor Patient fund” a, charity initiative to help indigent patients. The Organization has always believed that lack of fund should not be a constraint to avail the basic health services, motto being “Access to healthcare services to all.”

To further the motto of providing health services to all, the hospital is actively involved in outreach programs by conducting free camps in surrounding villages. The camps were attended by 1000-1500 patients. Specialty doctors from private hospitals are motivated to donate their time and resources to serve the population.

Healthcare cost containment and good quality of care are important goals at JIMS. Not only are the cost of services lower than prevailing healthcare costs but also, there is a constant focus to improve the quality of care by adopting best practices in patient care.